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Cash Practice

Thrive Chiropractic is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality and most cost effective chiropractic care. We don't want good health to be a financial burden. We offer low cost visit rates and discounted rates on multi-appointment purchases, we call these our Punch Card Rates. As part of a large family, one of Dr. Angie's goals is to make chiropractic care affordable for the whole family. Call today to find out more about our affordable care!

Our Rates

  Single Visit Rate:

$35 /adjustment 




Punch Card Rate

10 adjustments $350, after 10 visits you get 1 free visit

(11 visits total)

*Adjustments can be used on any member of your immediate family (parents and children under 23 years).


Single Visit Rate:

$45 / adjustment + decompression of 1 area

($10 per visit for additional area)


10 decompression visits + adjustments if needed $450, after 10 visits you get 1 free visit

(11 visits total)

*This plan is for 1 person, not transferrable to family members.


* Decompression only single visits available to people who have completed a full plan for $35 per visit for 1 area, $10 for additional area

Why we don't accept insurance
  • We charge less than most co-pays

  • Our treatment plans are based on your health needs not insurance guidelines

  • Discounted rates are available to give you more affordable care

Best Sale

Free Initial Consultation

($70 value)

For the most up-to-date information 

contact our clinic directly at


Our goal is to help add LIFE to your Years, not just Years to your LIFE!

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