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Thrive Chiropractic is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality and most cost effective chiropractic care. We offer low cost rates and discounted monthly plans that will fit your specific health needs. As part of a large family, one of Dr. Angie's goals is to make chiropractic care affordable for the whole family. Call today to find the right plan for you!

Cash Practice

Our Rates

Single Visit Rate- $35 /adjustment 










Corrective Care Family Plan $375/month

    - This covers 2 parents and their children who are 21 and younger

    - This includes 2 pain cases, 15-20 visits per person over 2 months

    - Remainder of family is seen as  Expanded Wellness,1 visit per week over initial 2 months. 

       For example, parents are each seen 15-20 visits over the first 2 months with their 3      children being seen on a weekly basis.

Corrective Care Couple Plan $360/month

    - for 2 people, same as above, covers unlimited visits per person

Corrective Care Single Plan $210/month

   - for 1 person during the beginning of care 

   - Unlimited visits, usually 15-20 in the first 2 months of care

Monthly Plans (usually 2 months)

* Must complete a Corrective Care Plan to be eligible for Wellness Plans

Single Wellness Plan $60/month

    -  Covers 1 person with 2 visits a month, usually every 2 weeks

Couple Wellness Plan $110/month

    -  Covers 2 people with 2 visits a month for each of them

Family Wellness Plan $160/month

    - Covers a whole family at 2 visits a month for each of them

Expanded Wellness Plans are great for individuals who have a high labor intense job, who have a lot of stress, high school athletes, pre and post-natal females, and someone who may be experiencing consistant flare-ups. Dr. Angie will help you decide if you are a good candidate for the Expanded Wellness Plan.

Single Expanded Wellness $110/month

    - Covers 1 person for 1 visit a week for the month

Couple Expanded Wellness $160/month

    - Covers 2 people at 1 visit a week for the month

Family Expanded Wellness $210/month

    - Covers 2 family members at 1 visit a week for the month and remainder of family at 2 visits per month.

For example, parents are seen weekly and the kids are seen every other week.

Why we don't accept insurance
  • We charge less than most co-pays

  • Our treatment plans are based on your health needs not insurance guidelines

  • Monthly rates are available to give you more affordable care

(We are out of network but will provide you with a super bill for possible insurance reimbursement.)

For the most up-to-date information 

contact our clinic directly at


Our goal is to help add LIFE to your Years, not just Years to your LIFE!

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